Bishop Bergie’s Comments on Bill C-14


Yesterday, April 14, Bill C-14 was presented in the House of Commons. It contains the legislation to amend the criminal code to allow for euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide in Canada. It seems rather ironic that at the same time that this bill is being presented, the government of Canada is trying to be proactive regarding the high suicide rate among the youth of the Attawapiskat First Nation in Northern Ontario. Is it coherent to be both enabling and trying to prevent suicide at the same time? This is just one small example of what is wrong with this legislation. Some commentators are saying that the Government responded to the concerns of Canadians and that the legislation is a compromise. Let us not be complacent because there is nothing to celebrate with this bill. It focuses on death rather than life and this can never be acceptable to a follower of Jesus Christ. Please continue to educate your parishioners on this matter.


Statement on Bill C-14 by the CCCB