A Reflection on Priestly Life


By Fr. Rico Passero

In the Diocese of St. Catharines we have much for which to thank God. In a special way, Saturday May 21, 2016, was a historic day in which we gathered as Church to thank God for the gift of the vocations of four amazing young men—Fr. Ron Angervil, Fr. Greg Schmidt, Fr. Steve Innamorati and Fr. Trevor Plug—ordained to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

In reflecting on my five years of ordained life, I think back to June 11, 2011, where in the same beautiful church of St. Alfred, St. Catharines, I too was ordained a priest. Looking at the excitement on the faces of these four men, who were about to embark on such a fulfilling and enriching vocation of service to God and his people, was truly special.
I couldn’t help but smile and think of how proud we are of each of them and to think of how God will use them to do great things for our diocese.

Looking back over the past five years, God has blessed me abundantly as a priest. A priest has the privilege of entering people’s lives in so many different ways, from the high points to the most difficult times as well. From celebrating Mass and praying for the world each day, to baptizing a child, to walking with a couple preparing for marriage or sending loved ones to heaven—the priest is the instrument of God’s grace for others. I think of my many visits to the schools, the hospitals and senior homes, the home blessings and the fun I have had in spending quality time with the people of God— each experience was certainly a God moment for me.

Living a life of service has brought true joy to my life. Many people speak of the sacrifice of becoming a priest; however, I have found that God has graced me in so many different ways and I am often found saying to others that I have “the best life in the world.”

Fr. Rico Passero
Associate Vocations Director
As these four newly ordained priests begin their ministry in the vineyard of the Lord, it is a good time to remind ourselves to pray for all priests, religious sisters and brothers, deacons and lay people who serve in the Church.

Let us continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood, religious life and the diaconate. May we encourage children, grandchildren, parishioners and friends to consider this special call from God.