Strong Catholic Families: Strong Catholic Youth Family Faith Resource Booklet


Parents are charged with the responsibility of passing on the gift of faith to their children. This short resource booklet, Strong Catholic Families: Strong Catholic Youth, is full of great information and helpful tips for families to grow in faith together.

You will find:

  • An article on five key findings from the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) that are essential in understanding what it takes to building strong Catholic families.
  • A Family Faith Inventory that will help families assess their actions and attitudes and how they experience faith within their families.
  • A worksheet for families to develop a plan how they are going to grow in faith in the coming year.
  • A “Suggestions for Living Faith as a Family” article that gives practical tips on how to strengthen the family faith identity.
  • Family prayers and a list of both online and print resources for developing strong Catholic families.