Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God


Treasure the words of life in your heart.

What words we have from God for a new year! In the first reading, we share in the blessing that God gives to the people through Moses: to be blessed and kept, to have God’s face shining on us and his grace, to be given his peace and called his people. In the second reading, we are heirs, adopted sons and daughters of the living God. Then Jesus. Mary and Joseph hear the prophecies and the stories that all add up to the miracle of God becoming one of us. We are His. Our lives are a miracle of the highest order. Stop thinking, resolving and scheming about the new year, Take a moment to treasure up the miracle that is your life, right now. No matter what you are facing, what opportunities and challenges surround you, you are held and loved by the living God, and that is all we need.