Best Buy makes picture-perfect presentation to Holy Cross


It was a moment in time, and Tiffany Boyer was there to capture it.

Last year, the Holy Cross student happened to be in her kitchen with her camera when she saw her cat sitting on the counter. Suddenly, as cats do, a look of shock came over its face as in its line of sight walked the family dog.

One snap later, and the ‘purrfect’ moment before feline frenzy was captured forever.

“I love my animals,” said Boyer, a Grade 11 special needs student. “And I just saw the perfect moment, and thought ‘why not take a photo?'”

At the time, Boyer was a member of the school’s photography club, one of three special needs students taking part.

Teacher Catherine Chin-Yet said she saw how photography, particularly the forgiving digital kind, opened up ways for the teenagers to be creative.

“They were able to express themselves, document what was important in their lives and become emerging artists,” she said.

It was something Chin-Yet wanted available for more special needs students. And so she contacted a number of businesses for sponsorships and discovered a technology grant offered by Best Buy.

She submitted the school’s application last fall, and in January, she and principal Denice Roberston took part in a telephone interview, after which they learned they were one of 16 schools across the country to win.

The proceeds, which were presented on March 30, allowed the school to purchase 10 Sony DSC H300 point-and-shoot cameras for the program.

At a ceremony to celebrate the occasion, Boyer presented a framed copy of her photo to representatives from the St. Catharines Best Buy, as did Grade 12 student Joseph Donatelli, who last year snapped a close-up shot of a spring blossom in front of the school.

Roberston thanked the Best Buy reps for the grant, saying it will help with the students’ development.

“It will do wonders,” she said. “It (digital photography) allows our students to express themselves in a non-threatening way because — if you’re like me — you can take a photo, and if it doesn’t work you can delete it and take another.”

Source: Niagara This Week, Mar 29, 2017 Photo Captions and Credits: Best Buy presented a $3,000 grant to help Holy Cross start a photography program for special needs students. Pictured are students Olivia Meixner, Tiffany Boyer, photography teacher Catherine Chin-Yet, principal Denice Robertson, special needs teacher Karen VanOphem, student Joseph Donatelli and Best Buy representatives Paul Cooper, Levi Goertz, Shaye Scavo, Jen Fraser, Lindsay Cowal and Nivin Knight.