Raising Faith-Filled Kids One Word at a Time: Close


When my daughters were little, we had a ritual every evening to put away their toys. They’d scurry around, gather up their items, and bring them to me where I knelt beside the toy box. As they’d bring each beloved plaything, I’d open the lid, and we’d each say, “Good night, block,” or “Good night, Noah’s ark,” and then they’d place that toy in the box. This ritual was a way of helping them wind down while bringing the evening to a close. Endings matter in a family—even the end of an ordinary day. They deserve a bit of care. Small endings handled well prepare our children for bigger endings, such as friends moving, getting cut from a team, or losing a loved pet or family member. Pay attention to endings, and give them their due. —Tom McGrath

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Join the “Call for Conscience”: Feb. 6 – Mar. 31


Now that Canada has legalized assisted suicide/euthanasia, did you know that doctors in Ontario are forced to provide direct referrals for patients seeking to end their lives? Doctors who object feel a direct referral is akin to being an accomplice to assisted suicide. No foreign jurisdiction in the world that has legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide has forced health care workers or […]

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Raising Faith-Filled Kids One Word at a Time: Continue

Close-up portrait of sweet newborn baby sleeping quietly in male arms. Indoor shot, concept image

I remember the day we brought our eldest daughter, Judy, home from the hospital. As I held my newborn
daughter, I felt tremendous peace and joy. And then she started to cry. Immediately I had two thoughts: First, shouldn’t there be someone here who knows what they’re doing? And second, I became terri ed with the realization that I was o cially on parent duty for the rest of my life. Becoming a parent changes your identity forever. You are for now and always this child’s mom or dad. This is an enormous privilege and an enormous responsibility. The trick is to “just keep showing up”—to begin each day with a prayer that I can provide what my children need and the commitment to, as best I can, do what love requires. —Tom McGrath

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Raising Faith-Filled Kids One Word at a Time: Believe


You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” It conveys a “doubting Thomas” brand of suspicion as in “I won’t believe it until I see the proof.” But Jesus had a different take. He tells us, “Believing is seeing!” The act of believing—that is, opening our hearts and losing our fears—can help us see that something better is possible in our present situation, no matter how dire it may seem. The very act of putting our trust and belief in the power of God opens our eyes to all sorts of possibilities, and that is certainly true in our families. With the eyes of faith, we parents can better see that God is at work in our home, helping us to be faithful, loving, generous, and, sometimes, even wise. —Tom McGrath

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Delegation from Canada visits Catholic communities in Lebanon


A delegation including CCCB representatives and organized by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace / Caritas Canada is visiting the Middle East, 29 January to 9 February 2017. Intended to be a tangible sign of the charity and solidarity of the universal Church for the Catholic faithful in the region, the delegation is focusing on Catholic communities in Lebanon and Syria. The […]

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