The Serra Club of St. Catharines


The Serra Club of St. Catharines What is Serra? The Serra Club is a voluntary association of Catholic priests, sisters, deacons and lay men and women who dedicate themselves to the fostering and promotion of vocations to the ministerialpriesthood, diaconate and consecrated life. Serra Clubs, through their own ingenuity have, over the years, developed activities to help them fulfill their primary purpose. The Serra Club of St. Catharines continues to develop […]

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We Must Look to New Ways of Bringing Christ to Others: Parish discernment process


Parish Discernment Process  January 15, 2015  My Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, At the conclusion of St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus offers these words to the Apostles prior to his Ascension to the Father: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt 16:19) In St. Mark’s Gospel we find a similar statement: “Go into all the world and proclaim […]

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Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process through which interested unbaptized adults and older children (catechumens) are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith, way of life, and become members of the Catholic Church. The process is a blend of instruction and formation that progresses through gradual stages as it unfolds the Church’s rites, symbols, and biblical and liturgical […]

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Pro-life Liberal McKay has dilemma on hand with Trudeau pro-choice stance


After party leader Justin Trudeau declared no future candidates will be approved unless they accept the party’s pro-choice position, the Scarborough-Guildwood MP was left wondering why traditional Liberal openness on the question had to be dumped. “The party did take a position in Ottawa in 2012 and it was a pro-choice position. I suppose he (Trudeau) is reflecting that. And […]

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CLM Members Pilgrim Heading to WYD and Living Solidarity

Photo Credits: Josh Canning

Canadian CLM members and friends from the Diocese of Saint Catharines are in their journey for the WYD celebration in Rio, Brazil. Last week they made a stop in Peru where they built a Pastoral Centre in a shantytown in Lima. Hundreds of thousands of young people respond every two to three years to the Pope’s call to go on […]

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‘Time’ Magazine Says Pro-Life Advocates Are Winning


This success is due partly to ‘an organized and well-executed strategy,” the Jan. 14 issue’s cover story says, but ‘public opinion is also increasingly on their side.’   NEW YORK — A new Time magazine cover story contends that pro-life advocates have been “winning the abortion war” through legislative successes, changes in public opinion and new ultrasound technology that shows […]

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Canada’s pro-life march shows growing movement


The 16th National March for Life drew to Ottawa thousands of pro-life Canadians who advocated legal protections for all unborn people, with a special focus this year on sex-selective abortion. “The culture of life is alive, it’s loud, and it’s growing,” Matt Wojciechowski, spokesman for the Campaign Life Coalition, told CNA. “The march was an amazing, amazing event,” he added. […]

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