Faith Matters: Our reliable source of truth


A fundamental principle of journalism is factual reporting. This is why the growing phenomenon of ‘fake news’ is so troubling. Instead of presenting honest information, rogue sources present disinformation that leads to confusion and undermines trust. There is also the more recent introduction of the phrase ‘alternative facts’. It was used to justify giving false statements to the press. This […]

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Charles Borromeo: That all We do Will Always Be a “Work of Love”


On Wednesday of this week (November 4), we celebrated the feast in honour of Saint Charles Borromeo. St. Charles was the Cardinal Archbishop of Milan during a very challenging time in the history of the Church. He was instrumental in bringing spiritual renewal to his diocese and theological clarity to the Church as many heretical teachings were being promoted during […]

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Day Two Dublin: Communion in One Baptism

The theme for today was “Communion in One Baptism”.  The day began with morning Mass for all of the English speaking pilgrims from Canada.  The celebrant was Archbishop Albert LeGatt, the Archbishop of St. Boniface Diocese in Manitoba.  He is the Canadian representative on the International Eucharistic Congress Commission.   There were about one thousand people at this Mass as other […]

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