Overwhelmed and very grateful


Photo Caption: The Almakhoul family, with Barbara Nenadovich and Rev. Paul Vellakunnathu, at the Diocesan Anniversary Dinner, November 25th. The family was welcomed to Canada by their sponsors from St. Andrew’s Parish in October. Everything that Wael Kadmous and Mania Atiya knew was being torn apart by a civil war pounding their Syrian city of Homs. “The war began, and people […]

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Notre Dame students take a big walk of faith


More than 1,000 Notre Dame students, as well as faculty, family, alumni and hundreds of students from feeder schools teamed up to participate in a 15-kilometre trek Sunday morning. And thousands more participated in the “very powerful experience” at schools throughout Niagara and across Ontario, said Notre Dame College School principal Ralph Defazio. The annual pilgrimage began as a tradition […]

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Act now to process refugees, Bishop Crosby tells minister

(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton
President - Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

OTTAWA – The president of Canada’s bishop conference has written a frank letter to the federal Immigration Minister urging immediate government action to unclog delays in processing refugee applicants in order to preserve “confidence” in the refugee sponsorship program. Writing to Immigration Minister John McCallum, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops president Bishop Douglas Crosby said many sponsoring groups have become frustrated due to […]

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Batbouta Family Arrived to St. Joseph


With great joy and with gratitude to God and to many parishioners and volunteers, St. Joseph parish Syrian refugee committee welcomed the Batbouta family on October 6th. Sadly, Jubran Batbouta, 76 years of age, who arrived in September, passed away unexpectedly on October 14th. Jubran is third from the right in the above photo taken at the Toronto airport, when […]

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Ananias Mission website & facebook


Ananias Mission responds to the worldwide refugee crisis through educating our communities, relieving direct conditions, and connecting communities of compassion with refugees in transition. In 2014, a Syrian family arrived in Pittsburgh. Because of their Christian faith, their home was no longer safe for them. They filed for asylum for religious persecution, and began to build a new life. They missed Syria, […]

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