CLM Members Pilgrim Heading to WYD and Living Solidarity

Photo Credits: Josh Canning

Canadian CLM members and friends from the Diocese of Saint Catharines are in their journey for the WYD celebration in Rio, Brazil. Last week they made a stop in Peru where they built a Pastoral Centre in a shantytown in Lima. Hundreds of thousands of young people respond every two to three years to the Pope’s call to go on […]

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Making smiles brighter in Peru

SEA Mission Peru 2013

Stephanie Klok has brought smiles to hundreds of people in Peru. The part-time dental hygienist from Fonthill Dental last month visited Lima, where she gave aid to poor people in the district of Pamplona Alta. She travelled with about 50 people, which included pathologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists and general practitioners, and helped give aid to the people who live in shanty […]

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SEA: The moment you have all been waiting for

SEA 2012 Trip to Peru

Reading Week/ Spring/ Summer Trips: SEA Med- Nurse Reading Week Peru 2014: Feb 14-23 (Alumni & others) SEA Reading Week Costa Rica 2014: Feb 14-23 SEA MedPlus South Africa 2014: April 30-May 15 SEA Education Ecuador 2014: May 15-28 SEA “Right to Play” Brazil 2014: June 3-16 SEA Nursing Brazil 2014: June 17-30 SEA Medical – Veterian Peru 2014: July […]

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