Family Ministry


The Diocesan Family Ministry exists to support our parishes in their mission to help to grow their spirituality and strength catholic values. Opportunities at the diocesan level for our families are offered to have a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ so that they can grow in their relationship with Him and share Jesus’ love in their everyday lives. Family Ministry Posts […]

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‘Time’ Magazine Says Pro-Life Advocates Are Winning


This success is due partly to ‘an organized and well-executed strategy,” the Jan. 14 issue’s cover story says, but ‘public opinion is also increasingly on their side.’   NEW YORK — A new Time magazine cover story contends that pro-life advocates have been “winning the abortion war” through legislative successes, changes in public opinion and new ultrasound technology that shows […]

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Canada’s pro-life march shows growing movement


The 16th National March for Life drew to Ottawa thousands of pro-life Canadians who advocated legal protections for all unborn people, with a special focus this year on sex-selective abortion. “The culture of life is alive, it’s loud, and it’s growing,” Matt Wojciechowski, spokesman for the Campaign Life Coalition, told CNA. “The march was an amazing, amazing event,” he added. […]

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Trudeau a stumbling block to pro-life cause


Pro-life activists are branding Justin Trudeau as a pro-abortion, anti-family Catholic politician committed to maintaining a legal vacuum around abortion. “He’s no friend of the unborn,” Campaign Life Coalition president Jim Hughes told LifeSiteNews. com. “He’s not pro-life. In fact, he’s a raving pro-abortionist.” Trudeau took the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada on the first ballot of a […]

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Don’t Let It Rip: On the Seamless Nature of “Pro-Life”

Besucher des Heiligen Rocks schauen sich am Samstag (14.04.2012) im Dom zu Trier die Tuchreliquie «Heiliger Rock» aus der Nähe an. Vom 13. April bis zum 13. Mai 2012 lädt das Bistum Trier zur Heilig-Rock-Wallfahrt ein. Erstmals seit 1996 ist der Heilige Rock wieder im Trierer Dom zu sehen. Foto: Fredrik von Erichsen dpa/lrs

In a recent op-ed  in the New York Times, Pulitzer-winning journalist Thomas Friedman wrote about the idea of “pro-life” as he understands it. The object of his article was the pro-life/pro-choice divide that has come to dominate the political front, especially before the presidential election. He was criticizing the so-called “pro-life” view of some prominent Republicans which he considered inadequate, in […]

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Pro-life Crossroads walkers are convinced tide is turning

ProLife Walk

OTTAWA – Twelve Crossroads walkers who hiked through Canada for the past three months wearing “Pro-Life” t-shirts ended their trek in Canada’s capital convinced public opinion is turning against abortion. “We have such a great country,” said Patrick Wilson, 21, the leader of the Canadian Crossroads group that ended its cross-country trek Aug. 11. “We had a lot of positive […]

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Canadian bishops, pro-life advocates welcome report on palliative care


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) and Canada’s Euthanasia Prevention Coalition have welcomed the publication of “Not to be Forgotten: Care of Vulnerable Canadians,” a report by a parliamentary committee. Calling palliative care “a basic human right,” the authors of the report found that the majority of those who need such care do not receive it. “Our Conference has […]

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