CLM Members Pilgrim Heading to WYD and Living Solidarity

Photo Credits: Josh Canning

Canadian CLM members and friends from the Diocese of Saint Catharines are in their journey for the WYD celebration in Rio, Brazil. Last week they made a stop in Peru where they built a Pastoral Centre in a shantytown in Lima.

Hundreds of thousands of young people respond every two to three years to the Pope’s call to go on pilgrimage and manifest their faith in Christ. This year Rio de Janeiro host the World Youth Day under the Lord Jesus’s words: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt 28:19)


Sixty youth from Saint Catharines, Guelph, Toronto and other cities are heading to WYD Rio in a journey that includes a solidarity trip to Peru to participate in the “Days in the Diocese” event by building a Chapel and a Pastoral Centre. After this they will arrive in to Rio de Janeiro to be part of the WYD celebrations.