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St. Patrick’s Cemetery


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Pastor / Admin
Rev. Stanley Pietlock
107 Orkney Street E., Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, N3W 1C4
905 765-2729
The St. Patrick's cemetery provides a final resting place for Catholics in the Caledonia and Hagersville area. While it is intended for Catholics who live in the community, arrangements may be made for family members living elsewhere and for those who may have lived in Caledonia at one time, but have since relocated.

Situated just south of the Grand River on Lanark Street, St. Patrick's cemetary provides a quiet environment that is well maintained and cared for.

The cemetery is operated by a Cemetery Board that is made up of Parish volunteers and the Parish priest.

For more information, contact either John McGrinder at 905-765-6314 or contact the parish office at 905-765-2729.
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