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My dear friends,

Since 2010, when I was appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of St. Catharines, it has been my privilege to shepherd this vibrant faith community of nearly 155, 000 Catholics. Our Diocese is truly blessed to be served by more than 100 priests and deacons, as well as 30+ religious sisters and brothers, and numerous lay people who minister and volunteer to carry out the Church’s mission of bringing the Good News of the Gospel to our world.

Through its various ministries and offices the Diocese carries out charitable works, supports sacramental, spiritual and educational opportunities, fosters vocations, and provides programs to enhance the life and faith of our Catholic community.

If you wish to make a donation, your gift will be used where the needs are greatest and will help ensure that the Diocese of St. Catharines continues to be a place “where faith lives”.

Thank you and may God bless you for your generosity.

Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Gerard Bergie
Bishop of St. Catharines

Make an online donation by visiting our location on the CanadaHelps website or use the form below

To support the Diocese of St. Catharines’ general mission you can make an online donation by visiting our location on the CanadaHelps website or use the form bellow.

About the First Time Donor’s Super Credit:
The First Time Donor’s Super Credit offers you an over-and-above 25% one-time tax
credit on your charitable gifts up to $1,000. It’s available to any Canadian who is new to
charitable giving or has not claimed a charitable donation in the last five years.