Easter Letter 2016


March 18, 2016

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In the Gospel for Easter Sunday St. John describes the reaction of the first witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus. Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, experience an empty tomb. It is only Mary Magdalene who has the privilege of
being the first person to meet the Risen Lord. It is interesting to note that after the two apostles see the empty tomb they return to their homes. After Mary Magdalene encounters the Risen Lord she does not go home. She goes to the other disciples to proclaim, “I have seen the Lord”. Mary Magdalene experienced something profound and was changed forever. The empty tomb did not lead to a change on the part of Peter and John; they simply returned to what was comfortable and familiar.



Most Reverend Gerard Bergie,
Bishop of Saint Catharines

We need to allow the Easter experience to change us and shake us out of spiritual complacency. This will only come about if we have a personal encounter with the Risen Lord. If we simply focus on the empty tomb we will always return to what is familiar and most comfortable and never grow spiritually. This Easter let us experience the glorified Christ so that, like Mary Magdalene, we can proclaim, “I have seen the Lord”.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish you a very joyous Easter. May our Risen Lord grant you His peace and abundant blessings.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Gerard Bergie, D.D.
Bishop of St. Catharines