Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time


In the readings for the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time we hear St. Paul tell the Corinthians not to worry, “I want you to be free from anxieties.” This is not always easy. We find that there can be a great deal of anxiety in our lives, especially from external forces. There are many factors that influence us and many are very negative. One could begin to think that evil is triumphing over good!

In Sunday’s Gospel from St. Mark, we see Jesus rebuke an unclean spirit. Here we clearly see Jesus’ power over evil. Like Moses in the First Reading, God raises up prophets and gives them the words and power to act in His name. Through our ordination we have been given that same power. We have the power to rebuke evil and bring healing to others. So when we see evil around us we do not become anxious, because Jesus has triumphed over sin and death and we can do the same when we put our trust in Him!