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Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

The cathedral is one of the most stunning buildings in Barcelona. The cathedral hosts serveral stunning chapels and is known for its extra special courtyard. Though the video is secular in approach, it highlights a place and history which is important for Catholics.

"..Cathedral of Santa Eulalia is one of Barcelona's largest religious buildings. The cathedral is also known as La Seu Cathedral based on its location in front of Plaça de la Seu. The site of the cathedral has long been a place for worship, as the first basilica was built already during the Roman occupation in year 343 A.D. This basilica was later burned and destroyed during a Moor invasion, but it didn't take long until a cathedral was built in its place."

For more info on Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona, visit: http://www.worldsiteguides.com/europe/spain/barcelona/cathedral-of-santa-eula...

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