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Christian Aid on Rio+20 Conference

Christian Aid on Rio+20 Conference Where will our world be going in the next twenty, fifty, one hundred years and what sort of planet will we be leaving for our children and our children’s children? With climate change, the scarcity of water and resources and continued widespread poverty, the prognosis isn’t looking good. That’s why representatives from world governments will be meeting in Rio de Janeiro Brazil for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) from June 20-22. They will be mapping out strategies for tackling the major ailments of our planet, many man-made.

On the sidelines of the Conference in Rio, NGO’s, environmental and development groups have been meeting at the People’s Summit (June 15-23), sharing information with and keeping up the pressure on their counterparts at the U.N. Conference to address what they see as the real needs of the global community.

Senior Advisor on Climate Change and Sustainable Development for the U.K. based charity Christian Aid, Allison Doig tells Tracey McClure her organization wants the focus to be on social justice: pulling the poor up out of poverty, and making food, water and energy sustainable for all sectors of society. In this interview she explains what Christian Aid is bringing to the discussions.

Listen: Christian Aid on Rio+20 Conference

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