Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


In the Readings for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gospel from St. John presents us with a significant question. Two of John the Baptist’s disciples are following Jesus and he asks them, “What are you looking for?” They respond, “Rabbi, where are you staying,” and Jesus invites them to “Come and see”. One of the two is Andrew and after spending the day with the Lord, he goes to his brother, Simon Peter, and tells him that he had found the Messiah. He then brought his brother to Jesus, and he followed the Lord.

The question, “what are you looking for” remains significant as we search for meaning in our lives. Today people seem to be looking for something that seems elusive to them. Often they are searching in all the wrong places.

Like Andrew, people of faith are called to lead people to Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Only He will be able to quiet their restless spirit and help them to answer the question.

We have an example of this in the First Reading. Samuel is being called by God; however, he thinks that it is Eli. Samuel tries to respond to the voice but cannot find its source. It is Eli who eventually tells him how to reply: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”. Eli was able to do this because, unlike Samuel, he knew the Lord. Those of us who know the Lord should be like Andrew and Eli and help others to find the Lord.

The Readings also remind us of the importance of helping others discern a vocation to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life. Let us pray that more men and women of our diocese will respond to the mysterious call of God with these simple words, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”.