Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

dare_to_love Lenten

In the Second Reading for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time, St. Paul states, “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” This is good advice as some may be considering what they will be doing for Lent. Whatever we choose to do, it is not simply for our own benefit; ultimately, we should do it for the greater glory of God.

This year, Ash Wednesday, February 14 is also Valentine’s Day. Traditionally this is a secular celebration of love. It is natural to want to please the one that you love. On a much more profound level, it is the same with God. If we love God then we should want to please God in our thoughts, words and actions. We should, therefore, enter into the discipline of Lent as an act of love.

We will also benefit because we will be drawn more fully into the mystery of God who is love. This love is able to transform us and heal the spiritual harm caused by sin and a rebellious human nature.

The Gospel for this Sunday speaks of Jesus healing a man with leprosy; he wanted to be “made clean.” This is what happens when we place ourselves in God’s presence. We are purified by the flames of Divine love and are singed by God’s sacred presence. Lent helps to facilitate this encounter when we make the effort to do everything “for the greater glory of God.”