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September |   Orientation :   formation process, agents of formation, preparation for Christian Prayer, timetables, expectations of       candidates and wives, house rules, home and weekend meeting format, personal journal writing

October |  Getting to know Myself :  Myers-Briggs personality types, understanding different personalities, leadership styles, collaboration, group facilitation

November | Listening and Emotions: types of listening, types of questions, how to be present, paying attention without intention, counseling skills   

December | Introduction to Ministry: called to ministry by virtue of Baptism, lay ministry and ordained ministry, types of ministry

January | Prayer, Spirituality, Discernment, Spiritual Direction : types of prayer, theology of Christian Prayer, Lectio Divina, contemplation, consciousness Examen            

February | Conversion : Paul's conversion, Lonergan's conversions, change of heart, purpose of formation                          

March | Foundational Moral Theology : moral decision making, ethics of deciding, right and wrong decisions

April | Social Justice Issues : Bishops' statements, encyclicals, preferential option for the poor, diaconal ministry

May | Integration : review of the year, maximizing your talent, diaconal gifts, passing the torch, formation stories of mentors

June | Retreat           

Deacon in-action-baptism


September        Ministry to the Sick : bedside manners, do's and don'ts, working with staff, the aging process, visiting the hospital and the home, acute care vs. long term, the hospice system, bringing the Eucharist to the hospital or home             

October             Ministry to the Prison : the prison system, young offenders act, how to visit, deacon's role in visiting, boundary issues           

November         Revelation & Faith : weightiness of encyclicals, types of encyclicals, hierarchy of the church, symbols                         

December               Grace & Eschatology : what is grace, the end times           

January             Creation, God & Trinity : order of creation, how do we see God, revelation in the Bible, proofs of God, Jesus in history, work of the Spirit

February           Introduction to Old Testament : the Jewish Bible, God reveals Himself, format of the Bible, the Pentateuch, myths and legends      

March               The Prophets : who were they, how did God speak through them, how we are called to act

April                  Wisdom & Psalms : format of the Psalms, types of Psalms, origin, meaning of Wisdom literature                        

May                  Ecumenism : reformation implications, efforts at reconciliation, differences, married priesthood

June                    Retreat                                        


September        Sacraments of Initiation : baptism and confirmation, preparation of parents and children, the RCIA process           

October               Eucharist : meaning, theology, preparation of children & adults                              

November         Penance & Anointing : role of the deacon in anointing, sacrament of the sick, extreme unction – viaticum, role of the deacon in counseling           

December         Marriage & Holy Orders : theology, three levels of orders, marriage as covenant, Jesus and Church in covenant

January             Introduction to the New Testament     : the Synoptics, content, translations, format and literary styles, authors, new materials, origins, audiences

February               Luke & Acts : authors, styles, messages, audience

March               Gospel of John : who wrote it, to whom was it written, style etc                          

April                    Paul & his Writings : travels, audiences, letters

May                  Homiletics : exegesis, sources, styles, integrated homily, based on life experience, structure, imagination of the heart, mystagogy, proclamation


September        History of the Church : the first two thousand years, changes, councils, development, Canadian church, role of Bishops          

October               Ecclesiology : structure of the church, theology and foundation                       

November         Mariology & the Saints : Mary as mother of the church, veneration, prayers, visions, process of sainthood

December         Christology : Jesus as the Messiah, historical perspectives, people as church, church as the body of Christ

January               Canon Law of Marriage : interviews, mixed marriages, Form 1         

February               Canon Law of Marriage: continued, testing for license          

March                  Sexual, Medical, MoralIssiues: end of life issues, euthanasia, abortion. Liturgical Practicums             

April                    Liturgical Practicums: mass, baptism, conformation, Easter Rites, benediction, the     sacramentary, weddings, funerals Eucharistic celebrations, way of the cross, role of the deacon.

May                    5 day Ordinandi Retreat       
June                     Ordination 

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