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The Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate: A Secular Institute in the midst of the world to witness the love of Christ

oblate missionariesAbout Us

The Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate are women of faith, lay women, consecrated to God, committed to living the Gospel at the heart of the world.

As members of a Secular Institute, they live in the same conditions as their contemporaries and they share their common concerns.


Why should I commit myself?

  • To answer the call of the Lord to consecrated life by remaining in my usual living environment.
  • To have the spiritual support of a group recognized by the Church as a Secular Institute;
  • To live a consecrated life according to the evangelical counsels and to be a responsible Christian presence in the world, from within, in order to shape it, perfect it and sanctify it;
  • To become a witness of Christian life in temporal realities and to penetrate the world with the power of the Gospel in the manner of leaven.

Associate Group Volunteers of God

From the very beginning of the Institute, Christians have chosen to deepen their baptismal commitment by sharing the spiritual ideal of the Institute. More than a thousand members are part of the Associate Group Volunteers of God.

These Associates have responded to an inner call to love and to be of service to others following the example of Jesus.

The members of the group take specific means so that their everyday life will become a testimony of love in their surrounding.



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