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Wells of HopeWells of Hope is an inter-denominational group founded on Christian principles. We are committed to responding to the cry of the poor and to help them attain for themselves, the basic necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare.

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1499 Irvine Rd
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0


Wells of Hope is a Charitable Organization with Registration Number 83428 1768 RR0001

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Wells of Hope

In Jalapa, women’s work can be crippling

e is hard in Jalapa. That fact is as inescapable as gravity. For most people living in these Guatemalan mountains, every day means straining their bodies just to meet the necessities of life. Drive along the winding mountain highways on any given day, and you’ll see people walking slowly along the side of the roads carrying something — bundles of […]

Photo source and credits: http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca. A baby and her brother sit in the garbage of the Jalapa garbage dump. Grant LaFleche/St. Catharines Standard/Postmedia Network

Finding refuge in refuse

More than the penetrating stench, more than the grime and the filth, there is no escaping the flies. They swarm around everyone and everything in the expansive Jalapa landfill. From the moment you draw near the garbage dump, the flies flit and buzz about your face, sometimes in groups so thick it impedes your vision. To those who live there, […]

Photo Source and Credits: http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca. The stern-faced women of Sanyuyo , Jalapa in Guatemala, listen as the men of the community talk about getting a well working. The women have little direct say in how their community is run. Photo by Grant LaFleche.

Women living as ‘human pack horses’

No matter where you go in Jalapa, no matter where you look, you see them. Dressed in their traditional skirts and aprons, the Xinca women trudge the cratered and dusty roads of the Jalapa mountains in Guatemala. Water carried in jars upon their heads, child in tow, food in one arm or on their backs. The roads are steep. Uneven. […]


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