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Shifting the Media Lens -- A New "Virtual" Cathedral for St. Catharines Diocese

altar-boys-churchWhen I was a young altar boy in the '70's serving at St. Elizabeth's Church in Wainfleet and later at St. Theresa's Church in Port Colborne, there was always this grand feeling entering the nave of the Church in procession.  One would feel so little and yet connected to something large and holy.  I think St. Max Kolbe had it right -- entering a Church is like entering the womb of Our Lady. It is a sacred place where Christ lives and where we become family, brothers and sisters united with him to our Heavenly Father.

So as the dust settles and tools are laid aside, I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to return to the building of St. Catharine's Diocese' new virtual cathedral –

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Where Faith Lives: Media Campaign

TheInnocenceMissionInitiated to draw awareness to the spiritual beauty of Niagara Region, Where Faith Lives is the Diocese of St. Catharines response to the evangelical call to cast out into the deep of the new evangelization and make Christ's face and voice, seen and heard. It is with great enthusiasm that we bring you this TV spot commercial -- our effort to broadcast Christ in and through the new media and thereby build virtual cathedrals. It is now being broadcast on Salt+Light TV.

In the words of St. Max Kolbe,

"Therefore the press and now even radio transmissions and cinema, and in the future any other invention must be dircted to enlighten minds and to reviviy hearts."

This effort is made possible possible by the generosity of the super-talented band, The Innocence Mission, (and Dylan at Badman Recording Co.) who graciously agreed to let us use their hit track: God is Love.


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